• How big is Country Place?
    Country Place consists of 306 homes on about 94 acres.  Most are single family residences but also includes some duplex homes on Treehouse Lane.
    Country Place is bounded by Treehouse on the south, Country Place on the east, Knob Hill on the west, and Cross Bend on the north.  Only the homes on the south side of Cross Bend are in Country Place.
  • What are the Country Place office hours?
    The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.  Closed holidays.
  • What are the dues for homes in Country Place?
    Under the original deed restrictions, there are mandatory annual assessments for all homes in Country Place.  The current Annual Assessment is $750.00.  The Country Place Board has voted to offer certain discounts to all residents who are current in paying their dues. Payment plans are available to all residents ranging from one annual payment ($600.00) to multiple payments (Quarterly $175.00 each) or (Monthly $55.00 or $60.00 each).  For details, see the Annual Dues Policy listed under the "Member" heading on this website."
  • What does it cost to advertise in the newsletter?
    CP Advertising Rates, Per Newsletter
    Purchase 1 year (11 issues) and pay in advance to receive a 15% discount
    Kid Business, 18 yrs. or younger, business card size ad Free
    Business Card size ad $10
    1/4 Page $15
    1/2 Page $25
    Full Page $50
    Customer supplied insert of full page flyer $40 single side, $80 double side
  • Who can rent Country Place facilities?
    Our regulations only allow facility rentals by residents who own property within the boundaries of Country Place.  Tenants of owners may rent with written permission of the property owner.