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City of Plano Crime Reports - (Updated 02/06/2020)
Here is a link to the City of Plano current crime reports!
Country Place Crime Watch Program
One of our community wide volunteer initiatives is Crime Watch. We want all of us to work together to make sure our community is the safest around. Our CP neighbor, Paul Dreimiller, has volunteered to be the new Country Place Crime Watch coordinator. This year we will be altering the Neighborhood Crime Watch protocol. Individual block captain roles will be eliminated. We are asking that all Country Place residents report any suspicious activity directly to Paul via email at Paul will then relay those instances to the Plano Police Dept. Paul will be providing Neighborhood Crime Watch Program articles in future CP Times editions.  Follow this link to see the City of Plano Neighborhood Crime Watch Website.
Patty Alverson, President
Swimming Pool Resurface, Repair & Maintenance
The contractor came out to the grounds in late fall and completely resurfaced the pool.  He also relocated the steps in the shallow end to place them in a better position for our disabled and elderly residents.  The work appears to be completely satisfactory at this time.  We look forward to being able to use the newly resurfaced pool this Spring!
More Water Rate Increases
Water Rate Increases Nov. 1
During the budget process, a water rate increase from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) was passed along to Plano's residential and non-residential customers. That increase is effective Nov. 1.
The average Plano resident uses 11,770 gallons of water per month, which would raise the bill by $1.04 at the new rate.
For more info see Plano City News .
Winter Water Schedules for Plano
Plano is changing its water schedule for the Winter months effective November 1, 2019.  For the new schedule see the second article in the  Plano City News
New Screen Wall for Country Place on Custer Road
The City of Plano has released the screening wall project schedule for 2020, and Country Place Plano is on the list!  Based on the information obtained below, it looks like work should begin in early 2020.  Country Place residents on Knob Hill can expect the construction to last at least two months and maybe three months.  All of the shrubs along Custer Road will have to be removed, and footings will have to be constructed to support the brick wall!  We will update this site as soon as new information is available!
The screen wall project for our neighborhood backing up to Custer Road has been in the works for a number of years.  A lack of budgeted funds by the City as well as other screening wall projects have delayed any significant progress on this until now.  The City of Plano has previously done a complete survey from the residents living along Custer and behind Knob Hill (two years ago) as well as preliminary engineering.  Now the project is finally in sight for next year.  Here is the latest correspondence from the City on the subject of the screening wall:
"We have just entered the design phase for this project and hired an outside consultant to complete the necessary geotechnical investigation, and ultimate design of the wall system.
At this time, in general, the project should wrap up the design phase by the end of 2019 and begin construction thereafter (we will usually wait until after the holidays if it approaches that timing to avoid major construction activities in the month of December). We will do utility investigation and any major relocations may postpone this schedule a bit.
Prior to beginning construction, we always hold a Neighborhood Meeting at the Municipal Center here, and invite affected residents of the project to introduce them to the contractor, discuss schedule, what to expect, etc. Mail out notices for that will be sent prior to that meeting.
In the meantime, survey crews and coring trucks and crews will be on-site in the next couple of months to obtain geotechnical borings and complete the project surveying. Notices will be sent out prior to that work beginning as well."
As indicated above, the City will be providing direct updates, particularly to the Country Place residents who will be directly affected by the project.  We will try to keep you informed on the website as well.
Picnic Grounds Improvements
In case you had not noticed, we have replaced the grills in both picnic areas, North and South.  There are new surfaces, new access doors and some new stone work.  Our thanks to Casey Shepelwich and his company for completing these renovations.
Why Does the City of Plano Flush Fire Hydrants?
Here is a You Tube video prepared by the City of Plano that attempts to answer this question.
Country Place Featured in the City of Plano Neighborhood Spotlight
The City of Plano posted the following article on its website May 23, 2019:
Neighborhood Spotlight
Recognized as one of Plano's Platinum Neighborhoods , Country Place is a strong supporter of our community. Situated along Chisholm Trail and Country Place Drive, the neighborhood supports their residents, Plano, Collin County and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro.
At the heart of Country Place is service and the neighborhood annually supports two nonprofit organizations - the Assistance Center of Collin County and Special Olympics. Residents donate to the Assistance Center of Collin County, in addition to volunteering at their Collin County Mud Bug Fest. For eight years, Country Place provided its common grounds for the Chili Cook Off hosted by Special Olympics. 
Country Place cares for their neighbors. Their Helping Hands program assists residents who need help with moving heavy furniture, putting up Christmas lights, mowing their lawn and more.
See the webpage article here.
Here is the Latest from the City of Plano on Short Term Rentals
What You Need to Know About Short-Term Rentals
One of the latest hot topics is the concern of short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods. In recent months, the City has received a number of requests from residents to limit or remove the allowance of short-term rentals. Currently, the City does not have a specific "short-term rental" ordinance as the legality of such an ordinance is being litigated in several lawsuits against cities in the State of Texas. However, the City of Plano has become the first Texas city to reach an agreement with Airbnb that will formalize the collection of local hotel taxes at a rate of 7 percent.
In other news across the state, the City of Austin is currently in litigation over its short-term rental ordinance with the Attorney General of Texas weighing in against Austin. Just last year, in May 2018, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against an HOA enforcement of short-term rentals, which encompassed similar legal issues as the City of Austin litigation. The Austin case is currently in an appeals court and we are closely monitoring the development of the law on this issue.
Although we are unable to enforce short-term rentals; we can address disturbances (such as noise) and behaviors (such as disorderly conduct), traffic violations, excessive occupancy, trash accumulation or other violations of the law. For assistance with disturbances, behavior concerns or street obstructions, please call 911. For excessive occupancy concerns or trash, call Property Standards at (972) 208-8150 or email
City of Plano Links to Resources
The Neighborhood Services Department in the City of Plano has developed a page for resource links to its various resources.  Follow this link and scroll down for a list!  This covers a multitude of useful information such as: water restrictions; Library cards; Senior resources, Recycling; and many others!  Take advantage of your City's website and resources!
Country Place Plano Platinum Best Neighborhood
You've probably seen the signs on Country Place Drive, but did you know that Country Place was selected by the City of Plano as one of four top neighborhoods in Plano!  This honor was bestowed on Country Place in 2016, the very first year that the City started the Best Neighborhood program!  We will retain this designation for five years at which time we will have to reapply to continue this recognition.  Several resident realtors have opined that this designation has helped increase the value of all Country Place properties; don't worry, the recognition is too intangible to contribute to any increase in assessed value!
We hate to lose any Country Place member/resident, but if you ever find yourself in the position of having to move in the near future, make sure your real estate agent knows about the recognition and uses it in your brochure and listings!
Inside Plano Podcast & News
The City of Plano offers a monthly podcast covering local subjects.  These might include Outdoor Warning Sirens, Plano's pools, Parks & Recreation, Election issues, Trash & Recycling, and many more local subjects.  You can sign up for the podcast or discover the links to watch it on You Tube here.
Plano City Call
The City of Plano offers an emergency service whereby you can sign up for phone calls or text messages in the event of certain emergency situations.  For instance, if you would like a text message if the Outdoor Warning Sirens are sounding off, you can sign up to receive the notice.  Just click on the link and check out the service.  Plano City Call
Fix It Plano
The City of Plano has added a new app as well as a new diagram to assist residents in determining who to call for various problems that they see with their neighborhood and within the city.
Neighborhood Concerns?  Here's who to call...
For Information on the Fix It Plano App, click here!
CP Gardening - (Updated 04/26/2019)
For lawn care and gardening ideas in our area, here are a few ideas and links for you to view.
Follow Your Country Place Neighbors - (Updated 04/26/2019)
Did you know that not only do we have activities and events posted on the site, but we also have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and NextDoor presence?
Here are the links to each site--have fun catching up on events, finding your friends and looking around on the sites.
Some of the sites are a little lonely, would y'all mind posting pictures and friending/following the pages?  It's a fun way to keep track of what your friends and neighbors are up to! 
About this website - (Updated 04/26/2019)
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