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CP Gardening 03/24/17
Posted on Mar 24th, 2017

It is prime time for planting and lawn care for our area.  Here are a few ideas and links for you to view.
Calloway's is one of our sponsors.  Sign up for Calloway's newsletters here.  They have been having great daily specials. 
Calloway's Specials Page.

Home Depot's Garden Club Page.  Weekly coupons, a new project every week and the current specials. 
Take advantage of the 3% discount on your Home Depot purchases available to CP residents!  When making purchases, just give them our office number: (972) 985-8855 to take advantage of the rewards. If asked for a Job Name, you can just give your name or none.
Personally, I love Neil Sperry!  In future newsletters, I will share with you my other beloved sites, but Neil Sperry has a weekly newsletter and each week he tells you exactly what to do in and around your garden.  My lawn has gone from 99% weeds to well, not perfect, but much, much better, just by diligently following his guidelines.  (And lots of time handpicking weeds.)
Link to Neil Sperry's newsletter subscribe page.  Link to newsletters are further down the page. 
Our own City of Plano has a really well done website, Garden Green in Plano.  There is also an event page, and you can subscribe here to the gardening events in Plano. They also have a newsletter page where you may download current and past newsletters.
The Dallas Arboretum is in its full glory.  Here is a link to the events page.
That's it for this time!  Happy Gardening!