About this website
Please update your contacts to use as the email address for Jennifer, our office manager.
So let's browse around the menus:
  • News/Events - only available to logged in Members
    • News - Pretty self explanatory.  Please send in things from your family that you'd like to share with  your neighbors, i.e. weddings, anniversaries, etc.
    • Upcoming Events - shows major events coming up.  Some will have an RSVP link.  Please use this to let us know if you will be able to attend and how many we can expect from your household.
    • Activity Calendar - similar to Upcoming Events but also shows minor events and is in a monthly calendar format.
    • Crime Watch News - Info on incidents in the area.
    • Latest CP Newsletter - Lets you download or view the latest edition.
  • Member - only available to logged in Members
    • Facility Availability - Lets you see when our facilities (Treehouse, patio/grill areas, tennis courts) are open or booked.  You still have to make reservations by contacting the office.
    • Website Member Directory - shows contact info for those (and only those) that have registered on this site.  The full Resident Directory is available in the Documents section.
    • Online Payments - Lets you pay annual & quarterly assessments, Treehouse deposits, and other variable payments online through PayPal.  No PayPal account is needed.  Note:  a fee will be automatically calculated and charged to cover credit card processing fees incurred.  This fee will be approximately 3%.
    • Documents - Facility Rental documents, Historical docs, General Member docs (By-Laws, Deed Restrictions, Rules, etc.), Past Newsletters, and the full Resident Directory in several formats.
    • Photos - Please feel free to contact us to contribute your photos of events.
    • Pet Registry - Allows you to upload contact info, description and photos of your pet.  This can help your neighbors identify a lost pet and get it back to you.
    • Teen Services - If your teen wants to let the neighbors know they are available for various tasks, this is the place.
    • Recipes - Got a great recipe to share?  Do it here!
    • Board/Committee Contacts - Who's Who on our Board of Directors.
    • Crime Watch Block Captains - Let them know if something suspicious is going on.
    • Maintenance Request -  See something that needs fixing around CP?  Let us know.
    • Site Changes - We'll be adding new features or making changes as time goes along.  This will let you know what's new.
  • About Us - available to the public
    • Map - We know where we are but it's for those that don't
    • Our Facilities - To show prospective residents what we have to offer.
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • CP on Nextdoor - A link to our section on
    • Resale Cert Request - For title companies to get a resale certificate.
    • Employment - Any job openings will show up here.
    • Contact Us - A contact form that gets to our Office Manager
    • Support Our Sponsors - Listings of those that advertise with us.  Please support them.
  • Plano - a set of links to various interesting or useful Plano city sites.
Other Stuff:
  • Your Profile (in the upper right corner) - Lets you change your username, password, post photos in a personal photo album, add a profile photo, and update other profile information.
  • News, Upcoming Events, Newsletter Big Buttons - shortcuts to easily get to those items with one click.
  • Connect With Us (at the bottom of the page) - buttons to our Facebook and Nextdoor pages.
  • Shop Amazon (at the bottom of the page) - a link to shop on Amazon that will generate a 4% (or more) commission for Country Place.  You'll pay just regular prices.
  • Features on our Nextdoor page - We left some things our our page at Nextdoor ( since they are visible to all the surrounding neighborhoods in addition to CP.  Those are: Classifieds, Recommendations, Lost & Found, Free Stuff, Plano Police notifications, and discussions.  If you are not registered there, we urge you to do so. 
Note that when you login, you will automatically land on the News page so you can see the latest happenings.
OK so there you have it.  Any questions about the site, just send an email to

Contact Us:

3600 Country Place Drive,
Plano, Texas 75023

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed