Here is the Latest from the City of Plano on Short Term Rentals
What You Need to Know About Short-Term Rentals
One of the latest hot topics is the concern of short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods. In recent months, the City has received a number of requests from residents to limit or remove the allowance of short-term rentals. Currently, the City does not have a specific "short-term rental" ordinance as the legality of such an ordinance is being litigated in several lawsuits against cities in the State of Texas. However, the City of Plano has become the first Texas city to reach an agreement with Airbnb that will formalize the collection of local hotel taxes at a rate of 7 percent.
In other news across the state, the City of Austin is currently in litigation over its short-term rental ordinance with the Attorney General of Texas weighing in against Austin.  The Texas Supreme Court ruled against an HOA enforcement of short-term rentals, which encompassed similar legal issues as the City of Austin litigation. The Austin case is currently in an appeals court and we are closely monitoring the development of the law on this issue.
Although we are unable to enforce short-term rentals; we can address disturbances (such as noise) and behaviors (such as disorderly conduct), traffic violations, excessive occupancy, trash accumulation or other violations of the law. For assistance with disturbances, behavior concerns or street obstructions, please call 911. For excessive occupancy concerns or trash, call Property Standards at (972) 208-8150 or email

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